Who Stole Monday?

This Monday-less holiday week snuck up and stole my blog post. I tried, really I tried, but honestly, I was wrapping my brain around so many other things that every time I started a blog post, it skittered out of my brain. Now it’s Thursday, which to me many weeks feels frighteningly close to Monday again.

The temptation would be to pick up the loose threads on a progress report on Evergreen Release 1.4, which I do have in work. The developers met in August and have good things to report. We’re on track for a release candidate in September (and next week I’ll also explain what a release candidate is).

But I’d rather do this update justice next week, following the suggestion from a library director that we offer snackable introductions to each part of a release, to explain more clearly what the Evergreen developers fixed and what they developed.

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