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Migration Services

When it comes to migrations and implementations, experience matters. At Equinox, we've worked with everything from single-site projects to statewide consortia. Every library is unique and comes with its own valid concerns. Let us guide you through this process smoothly.

Data Services

Equinox knows library data backwards and forwards. When it comes to library data, there's no such thing as usual, average, or normal. We've tackled data challenges from non-MARC bibliographic data to cryptic data from antique databases. We've got your back.

Data Extraction

Get your data from many legacy ILSs, including the ones that don't make it easy.

Data Conversion

Migrate your data from legacy ILSs to your new open source solution with our outstanding conversion services.

Data Clean up

Data is the backbone of your library. Clean up your data with professionals fluent in MARC as part of a migration project or afterwards.

Implementation and Configuration of Evergreen & Koha

Leverage our experience and knowledge to guide you through the migration to your new library automation system. We take the time to understand your library policies, procedures, and workflows in order to configure your new ILS to meet your needs and prevent problems before they happen. Understand your options with our guidance, backed by industry-leading, real-world experience.

Software Customization

Equinox is the only company to employ both Evergreen and Koha core developers. Our developers have written over 80% of Evergreen's codebase, and we continue to contribute more new features and bug fixes than anyone else.

The Equinox team has the most experience and knowledge, translating into more efficient software development. To show our commitment to the Open Source movement, any code we write is contributed back to the community. Ask us how our expert development services can translate your library's needs into reality .

AIM Subscription Service

Equinox revolutionizes the way ILSs and other core library software services are delivered and managed through Sequoia's Activate Integrated Maintenance (AIM). With AIM, customers can play an active role in the improvement of their ILS, ILL and other supporting software. Want to be even more active in the development of your self-hosted software? Subscribe to AIM Prime for access to a Project Manager, guaranteed repair timelines, target prioritization, and more!

Software Development Services

Power your Open Source software with industry-leading development services. The Equinox team is comprised of Evergreen and Koha core developers, contributing over 80% of Evergreen's code base. We continue to contribute more new features and bug fixes than anyone else. Save time and money by working with experienced developers who are committed to the open source community.

Hosting and Support

Equinox offers reliable, secure, and flexible hosting and support services tailored to libraries of all sizes and needs. Leave server management to our experienced team of librarians and geeks who love it. With Equinox managed hosting, we give you peace of mind so you don't have to worry.

Sequoia is a cloud-based library services platform for Evergreen and Koha, offering the highest possible uptime, performance, and capabilities of any hosted library automation system.

Education Services

From consultation to training we're committed to advancing the open source ILS communities. Whether you need a refresher for new staff members, a friendly walk-through of new features, or complete training for a system migration, Equinox is here to help. Get an industry-leading training plan catered to your library's needs. We customize programs based on your local configuration, policies, workflow, and resources.

We encourage participation in the collaborative environment that exists within our open source communities. In support of that, we provide documentation and training videos to help users and other developers better understand open source software. These resources are so helpful that even our competitors use them!

On-Site or Remote Training

Not sure how to use your system effectively? Our experienced trainers are available to help you on-site or remotely. We'll craft a custom education program based on your needs and your library's unique processes. By combining lecture, discussion, and hands-on exercises, we give your staff the confidence and ability they need to run your library smoothly.


Sometimes, you just need a user's manual. Although documentation may not sound alluring, it is useful; which is why we never take on feature development without including end user documentation. Take a look at our collection of documentation if you want the most complete information about specific features or functions.  Documentation is a time-consuming process, but it's just one more way that we contribute back to the open source community.