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With an expert team of developers and librarians, we are always seeking to innovate and advance open source technologies to benefit our customers. Our team consists of working librarians and some of the core developers of Evergreen and Koha, so we are uniquely positioned to be able to understand the needs of librarians and know how to create and support software to meet those needs. Our products set the standard for open source library technologies.
Our Sequoia platform provides the highest possible uptime, performance, and capabilities of any hosted library automation system. If your library is looking to migrate or develop open source software functionality, we're the ones to talk to. Even our competitors come to us for help.

Evergreen is a unique and powerful open source ILS designed to support large, dispersed, and multi-tiered library networks. As some of the original developers of Evergreen, we have contributed to over 80% of its codebase. We also continue to be one of the leading contributors of bug fixes and new development.

Evergreen is designed to manage a scalable catalog shared across hundreds of locations. It runs library networks and individual libraries across the globe, supported by a robust community of active developers, including us. Talk to us to see if Evergreen is right for you.

Koha is the first free and open source library automation package. Equinox’s team consists of some of Koha’s core developers. As an ILS, Koha can manage a networked inventory, circulation, label printing, multi-format notices, offline-circulation, and more! Koha even supports several languages with more added each year. Plus, Koha utilizes the same web technology as the world’s most popular web-applications and websites, so it is truly platform independent and can work almost anywhere and for anyone. Want to see if Koha is right for you? Talk to us.

FulfILLment started as a simple, open source means of managing Inter Library Loans and taking the headache out of sharing between libraries. Based on the core algorithms of the popular open source ILS Evergreen, which was created by core members of the Equinox team, FulfILLment can almost completely automate ILL requests! When a request is made from a linked library, FulfILLment will automatically handle the request, check inventory for the requested item, and manage the transfer to the requesting library, all without any staff mediation! Talk to us to see if FulfILLment is the right ILL system for you.