P.V. Supa is Sponsoring Evergreen Development

P.V. Supa is sponsoring development to integrate GoodStaff, an RFID software product, with Evergreen Open Source ILS.  Developers from Equinox Software, Inc. will be leading the development.  GoodStaff is a solution to enable RFID integration seamlessly with a library’s ILS.  You can read more about GoodStaff and P.V. Supa’s other solutions on their web site at:

In very basic terms, GoodStaff software works by receiving a signal from the ILS, such as item checked out or checked in, and then using the RFID reader to enable or disable the security on the tag. This way a librarian is able to use his/her familiar ILS, with the item being checked out or in on the desk (the RFID reader is usually mounted under the desk), and the system handles the rest.

Equinox anticipates the coding will be finished by the end of December 2012.  Once the coding is complete, it will be submitted to the Evergreen Community for inclusion in the next major release of Evergreen.

Since Thanksgiving is nearly here (for Americans at least), I would be remiss if I did not mention we are thankful for the sponsorship of this development which will enhance the overall functionality of Evergreen.