Onward and Sprintward

We are pleased to report that Sprint 1 of the “browserfication” of the Evergreen staff client is complete – on time and in budget, natch!

Sprint 2 is up next and that sprint is… Cataloging!

Mike Rylander and Galen Charlton will be starting that development next month and should be finishing up around the end of the year.  We are happy that we are able to spread the development, and the expertise of the Angular platform, between many core Evergreen developers.  We feel confident that by the end of the re-write most, if not all, of the core committers will be comfortable with the new platform and will find it easy and intuitive.

Galen had this to say about the development, “As Evergreen evolves, so do the components we use to build it.  The AngularJS, web-based cataloging module will lay the groundwork for innovation in Evergreen’s metadata management tools, and this library data-slinger is excited to be working on this project.”

We will, of course, keep you posted on the progress of Sprint 2 as 2014 progresses.  And we’ll also continue making up lots of new words for our blog posts.

A sincere thank you to all the amazing library partners who made this sprint possible!

BC Libraries Cooperative
Central Western Massachusetts Automated Resource Sharing
Georgia Public Library Service
Howe Library
Massachusetts Library Network Cooperative
Pennsylvania Integrated Library System
Pioneer Library System
South Carolina Library Evergreen Network Delivery System