November 14: Stomping Day

But don’t worry — bugs, not weasels.  That’s the label I’d give to this month’s Equinox Community Day.

Where as last month saw a focus on the creation of new features or infrastructure, this month seemed to be more heavily focused on fixing outstanding, known (if even very shortly so) issues in Evergreen and Koha.

By way of this Community Day round-up, I hereby brag on my excellent coworkers:

  • Erica Rohlfs tested and commented on bugs 1053015 and 793585, providing confirmation and user-oriented feedback to help guide future development work.
  • Lebbeous Fogle-Weekley worked on several bugs (101223711499681037171 and 1199302) offering feedback on two and merging two others so they’ll land in the next stable releases of Evergreen.
  • Galen Charlton worked on pushing patches for the upcoming Koha 3.14 release,  writing unit tests for those that needed them.  He ran into an interesting gotcha with Git and wrote a blog post about it.  Galen also worked on a patch to the Library::CallNumber::LC Perl module used by both Evergreen and Koha to address an issue with spine label printing for LC call numbers related to Koha bug 10821.
  • Grace Dunbar was our presence at the SCLA/SELA conference yesterday, and had a chance to meet with several existing and potential community members.
  • Steve Callender provided a patch for a bug he discovered, which was almost immediately merged to the codebase.  Steve also gave the juvenile-to-adult logic the ability to use an Org Unit Setting instead of requiring that all libraries in an instance agree on the age of adulthood.
  • Bill Erickson took up the nearly-abandoned work of ingest-time displayable field extraction.  The aim is to create the infrastructure needed to build much simpler and more easily configured end-user display of bibliographic data, and Bill moved us quite a way toward that.
  • Jason Etheridge and Michael Tate worked together to bring the Equinox QA/CI test server to life.  It’s now set up to refresh from scratch each night, install the master branch of Evergreen, and run a broad set of tests.  The output, each day, is being published on the community testing server ESI hosts.  Michael also created two Nagios plugins specific to Evergreen to assist the monitoring of Action/Trigger Events, which Jason pushed to our public contrib repository.
  • Also collaboratively, Jason submitted a bug about I18N in the Evergreen ILS Events infrastructure, and Lebbeous, Bill, and I put some thought toward it.  I created a branch (which — head’s up! — will require OpenSRF 2.2.1+) to address the issue that Jason subsequently tested.
  • Angela Kilsdonk spent some time prepping for today’s DIG hack-a-way, in which she is participating, so much of her Community Day was offset by 1.
  • And, finally, I found and fixed the source of a reported bug in QueryParser.  Along the way I improved its performance through short-term caching, and fixed an issue with parsing that ESI witnessed in the wild for the first time within the last week.

Each time I look back at the list of things that we accomplish in one day of focusing on community needs, I’m a little amazed.  I think each Community Day is growing more productive than the last, and I’m very excited by all the new ways — other than working on Evergreen or Koha code directly — we’re finding to provide leadership and best-practices, and generally contribute to the community.

Thank you, again, to my coworkers, for making Equinox a place I’m proud to work.  I look forward to seeing what we end up accomplishing December 12 on our next Community Day!