Notes from day 2 of the 2015 Evergreen Hack-A-Way

My quest to drink all of NOBLE’s coffee may be at an impasse… it just. keeps. coming. Fortunately, the Evergreen Hack-A-Way is not actually about the coffee… it’s about the people.  Some highlights from today:

  • Kathy Lussier of MassLNC led a discussion of Evergreen’s catalog search and ways to improve it, ranging from performance boosts to the current search engine based on PostgreSQL Full Text Search to investigating adopting an external search engine.  Be sure to check out the shared notes document, as it includes a summary of the discussion and a number of tips for tweaking Evergreen and PostgreSQL to deliver search results faster.
  • Ken Cox gave a presentation on how to set up and deploy the Evergreen public catalog access Android app.
  • Ben Shum and I led a discussion of figuring out ways to help folks help each other learn how to code for Evergreen — and how to work up to becoming a core committer.
  • We are now at 18 software improvements (both enhancements and bugfixes) and a documentation patch incorporated into Evergreen since the Hack-A-Way began.

Friday morning concludes the Hack-A-Way for me, as I’ll be flying home tomorrow afternoon — but I intend to pack as much as I can into that morning.  It’s been a blast, and as always, if you’d like to follow along with the Hack-A-Way, you can track the #evghack15 hashtag on Twitter, follow along in the shared notes Google document, or join the Google Hangout.