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Equinox migrates Westchester Library System to Evergreen
Duluth, Ga., June 10, 2019: Equinox is pleased to welcome Westchester Library System to Evergreen.The adoption of Evergreen by the Westchester Library System will support their 399,438 patrons in addition to migrating 959,561 bibliographic records. Services provided by Equinox included Evergreen s... [More]
Equinox migrates Bucyrus Public Library to Evergreen with the Consortium of Ohio Libraries (COOL) with OhioNET
Duluth, Ga., May 28, 2019: Equinox is pleased to welcome Bucyrus Public Library to Evergreen with their successful migration to the Consortium of Ohio Libraries (COOL) with partnership from OhioNET.The Bucyrus Public Library’s move will support Bucyrus’ 29,511 patrons in addition to m... [More]


More than a label: Library Names in Evergreen Part Two
June 5th, 2019 by Rogan Hamby
For a lot of communities their library's name conjures something precious to the mind and heart, which is great. But behind the circ desk the library name is often just a label so that staff know where a returned book needs to head to. Because commun... [More]
What's in a name? Library names in Evergreen Part One
May 28th, 2019 by Rogan Hamby
Like most library management systems, Evergreen assumes that staff and patrons have very different needs.  One of the less obvious differences is library names, or what in Evergreen are called organizational, or org, unit names.  Org units ... [More]
You are Open Source - Joelle Hannert, Northwestern Michigan College
April 23rd, 2019 by Joelle Hannert, Laura Barry
Welcome back to our second installment of "You Are Open Source," part of an ongoing initiative to highlight the vibrant communities and libraries we have the pleasure to call partners. We would like to introduce you to Joelle Hannert, library and tec... [More]
Koha tip: I am not a number, I am a book in a free ILS!
April 18th, 2019 by Galen Charlton
Most of the time, using Koha can seem like just a matter of giving it random numbers and expecting non-random results. Consider a typical checkout:The number "30374000002741" is of course the results of scanning an item's barcode. But what do you d... [More]
Evaluating Open Source: "How?"
March 26th, 2019 by Grace Dunbar, Felicia Beaudry, Laura Barry
How will this product meet your needs? Make sure that the solution you are considering can be tailored to your needs not you tailored to fit the product. This and more in our last installation of our evaluating open source mini-blog series - this wee... [More]