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Equinox migrates Phillipsburg Free Public Library to Koha
Duluth, Ga., February 19, 2019: Equinox is pleased to announce the successful migration of Phillipsburg Free Public Library into the open source community with their deployment of Koha.The Phillipsburg Free Public Library has been serving their community since 1923. Their migration involved 86,41... [More]
Equinox migrates Clearfield County Libraries to the PaILS/SPARK Consortium
Duluth, Ga., February 11, 2019: Equinox is pleased to announce the successful migration of Clearfield County Public Library, Curwensville Public Library, Joseph and Elizabeth Shaw Public Library, and the DuBois Public Library to Evergreen within the Pennsylvania Integrated Library System (PaILS) SPA... [More]


Library Life Hacks: New Inventory Date field in Evergreen 3.2
January 18th, 2019 by Angela Kilsdonk
An inventory date can now be assigned to items in Evergreen 3.2 to help facilitate performing inventory for your collections.  Evergreen provides two methods for adding an inventory date to an item: through the Check In interface or in the Item ... [More]
It's Here - Koha 18.11
January 7th, 2019 by Angela Kilsdonk, Galen Charlton
Twice a year comes a new major version of Koha, but for us in the Northern Hemisphere, the release at the end of the year can feel like a holiday present!  This past November, Koha 18.11 was released with a plethora of new features and enhanceme... [More]
Community News - Winter 2019
January 7th, 2019 by Andrea Buntz Neiman
Among the pleasures of working with open source software projects are the great communities that we get to participate with, and it has been a busy few months!In November, the Evergreen community held its annual Hack-a-Way, hosted by Equinox.  ... [More]
You are Open Source - Scott Thomas, Pennsylvania Integrated Library System/SPARK
December 12th, 2018 by Scott Thomas, Laura Barry
Scott Thomas, Executive Director of PaILS/SPARKAt Equinox we believe that open source ILS's are fundamentally community-based - our community is what makes open source technology for libraries possible. That means that we are only a small portion o... [More]
What Makes for a Squashed Bug? A Quick Overview of Evergreen Bug Squashing Week
November 28th, 2018 by Andrea Buntz Neiman
Even though bug squashing is a continuous process, the community does set aside dedicated time in the later stages of a release cycle to focus on squashing bugs before the general release. This is Bug Squashing Week -- it used to be a single day, but... [More]