Introducing Dawn Roberts, Director of Marketing

In March, Dawn Roberts became the newest employee at Equinox Software. As Director of Marketing,  Roberts will play a key role in establishing the company’s presence at industry trade shows and exhibitions. We asked Dawn a few questions…

What interests you about working for Equinox?

I truly believe that open source is the future of libraries. The days of corporations deciding what libraries need is short lived and Equinox will be here to pick up the pieces.

But most of all it is the team. I worked with Bob Molyneux and Shae Tetterton in a previous life and thought they were (and still are) terrific. I began working for Equinox in 2006 as an events consultant and I found out what a fantastic group of people they all are!

What is important about open source software?

Open source software puts the needs of individual libraries into their own hands. Each library can decide what is best for its staff and patrons. Libraries no longer have to wait and hope that their vendor will add the items that are important to them.

Where do you see open source development in the next ten to fifteen years?

The sky is the limit. It is amazing to me how much progress has been made in the last several years. I think that open source will continue to evolve and become the main stream for libraries.

When you get stuck on a problem how do you solve it?

I research to find the best solution and might try several different solutions to find the one that works best for the problem. I am a very visual person, and if I can see something in my mind, I can figure it out.

What do you keep on your desk?

Marketing Fuel

I keep pictures of both my sons, Daniel 16 and Jarrod 15. They are my precious gifts from God. A beenie baby Valentine’s bear the my boys gave me. A beautiful glass paperweight that was given to me by a good friend. A journal to write down what I want to accomplish that day and any ideas that I think of. My pink laptop. And always, a Diet Coke!

What do you do to chill out?

It depends on what is going on. If my boys are here we all pile up together wrapped in blankets with a bag of popcorn and watch a movie together. I usually spend one evening a week with my wonderful parents. We have a glass of wine by the fire, talk, and then go to dinner. I try to go to the gym 5 days a week and do either weight work or aquacize (I love the water).

Do you have any pets?

Oh yes! I have a little girl cat named Ashes. Ashes was found in a car that had driven with her in the engine for about 20 miles. Her ears were burned and she was terrified, so she is very shy and skittish, but we love her. Then I have Nimbus, a 30-pound alpha-male cat. Nimbus runs the house! He is so funny, follows me everywhere, goes for a walk with me every afternoon, and sleeps beside me at night. Nimbus is my precious baby.