High-speed 2.3 ACQ development

ESI has some exciting acquisitions related development news!

The following list represents an overview of what we will be working on during July for inclusion in Evergreen 2.3. This is a short time line and a large set of new features, but based on library user feedback and needs analysis from the field, we’re committed to getting this in to the next major release.

EDI invoices

  • Targeted vendors: ULS, Baker & Taylor, Ingram, Brodart, (CVS) Midwest Tape, Library Bound, S&B Books and Recorded Books
  • Scope: Allowing the electronic transmission of invoices from the vendor to the library
    • Assuming vendor provides this service, with proper set-up, allows invoices to be sent from vendor to library that correspond with physical items that were shipped, possibly from multiple POs
  • Workflow:
    • Vendor puts an invoice file on their ftp server to be picked up and uploaded to Evergreen
    • Evergreen will either notify staff that there is a file in the FTP queue, or will automatically load the invoices and mark as pending (needing staff action)
    • The invoice would be processed, linking the PO item lines to the invoice. Prices would be updated to reflect real (invoiced) cost of each item and processing charges would be charged to a processing fund.
    • Staff would release the invoice for payment; the items would be invoiced and funds moved from encumbered to spent.

 EDI enhanced/enriched ordering

  • Targeted vendors: ULS, Baker & Taylor, Ingram, Brodart, (CVS) Midwest Tape, Library Bound, and S&B Books
  • Scope: Allowing for libraries to order materials with higher levels of item information and pre-processing and have the information transmit seamlessly to Evergreen.
    • Assuming vendors provide this service and libraries subscribe, this development allows libraries to create pre-processing profiles on the vendor site to designate a cart of materials under a profile. The resulting export of MARC or stub records provide extra information and can create or overlay order information in Evergreen to eliminate some library end-user processing and cataloging.
  • Workflow:
    • After profiles are created on vendor’s site, orders may be created on vendor site
    • Vendor FTPs order record electronically to Evergreen with stub records including enriched info in specified tags
    • Order shows up in Evergreen as un-activated PO
    • Staff review and activate PO
    • Evergreen sends PO electronically to vendor via EDI
    • Staff may download full MARC records from vendor (if vendor provides) and load them into Evergreen (overlaying stub records)

Multiple POs per invoice (aka Ability to Batch Link Line Items to Invoices or manual invoicing) – LP #985308

  • Scope: When vendors ship items from multiple POs (either all or some items from each PO) library staff need to have the ability to easily pull those disparate items into one invoice while not affecting any outstanding items on the POs.
    • For non-EDI invoices, create an interface where the library user, with packing slip in hand, can look up items via PO or line item and add to an “on the fly” invoice; or allow staff to search and select to add to invoices from current interfaces.
      • On a PO or from General Search have the ability to select line items and then from the main Actions drop down menu choose Link to Invoice or New Invoice (rather than from the line item Actions menu)
      • Also, a search form would be available on the invoice screen allowing users to retrieve lineitems to add to that particular invoice. Ideally, the selected search field in that form would be sticky based on the last search field used by that user.
      • The system retrieves results for the search. Staff can select one or multiple line items to add to that invoice.

Encumbrances move to new fiscal year without money – LP #909410

  • Scope: Some libraries are required to refund unspent monies from certain funds at the end of the fiscal year.  The desired behavior for these libraries is to have the encumbered items remain and rollover but to have the non-encumbered money in the fund zeroed out for government refund and the library will add new fiscal year funds.
    • Will include a new set of choices when setting up funds or funding sources with check boxes to determine if just encumbered items will be rolled over or unspent funds along with encumbrances.

Block Purchase Order from activating if there is a line item with zero copies – LP #956525

  • Scope: Prevent Evergreen from activating a purchase order that contains a line item with no copies.
    • The system should alert the user via a message that appears in the Activatable field saying No: The lineitem has no copies in order to keep it consistent with all the other activation blocking messages (such as No: The lineitem has no price (ACQ_LINEITEM_NO_PRICE).
    • Alert should include the lineitem id(s).
    • Allow users to explicitly bypass this restriction when required. This choice will not be persistent across multiple invocations of the PO activation interface.

Page Anchoring on Selection Lists, Purchase Orders, and Invoices

  • Scope:When performing actions from purchase orders, invoices, or selection lists, when using the “Return” button or otherwise returning to list, the system should default to displaying where you were in the list, not to the top of the list.
    • Remember where I was when I clicked on this item to add copies and when I click “Return”, return me to where I was.
    • This development would apply to actions from line items (copies, notes, worksheet, MARC through title link), not to actions that take a user entirely away from the selection list, invoice, or PO.

As always when we release the specifications for work we are starting, we encourage any feedback, suggestions and questions you may have. In order to allow everyone to benefit, communicating on the project mailing lists is the best way to start the conversation.