Happy Holiday Development!

I’ve been remiss about posting about our development projects this year but in the spirit of the almost-new year, I’m turning over a new leaf. Please join me in thanking MassLNC and the BC Libraries Cooperative in sponsoring the final Evergreen development projects of 2013. MassLNC and BCLC joined forces to sponsor the MVF/CRA project, affectionately known as “the icon project”. But MVF/CRA is more than just a way to easily display things like “2 DVD + 1 Blu-ray” in the TPAC, it also lays the foundation for crucial RDA support. The work will also be necessary to support the other development project, bringing back Metarecord support in the TPAC.

BC Libraries Cooperative is sponsoring the development for TPAC Metarecords which will bring back the ability to choose formats and editions when placing holds. It’s going to be even better than it was in the old JSPAC.

The technical specifications for the projects can be found at:

See you in the New Year!