Happy days are here again!

There’s a small element of defiance in that blog post title. The news “out there” in the wider world is a little rough, no doubt about it. But I am going to keep my eyes fixed on the good stuff happening around us — and it’s exciting to watch libraries joining the Evergreen community and watch Evergreen continue to grow and mature.

The National Weather Center Library will be the first (known) special library to “go Evergreen.” Evergreen scales all the way down to home libraries and all the way up to huge consortia such as Georgia PINES — and also fits in every type library.

Meanwhile, Grand Rapids Public Library went live with Evergreen on Monday, September 29. GRPL is the second Michigan library to go live with Evergreen. You can follow the Michigan Evergreen Project as five more libraries go live before 2009 (they’re even blogging).

Also, in addition to all the great new features in 1.4 — which is coming along briskly — Evergreen is going to get some very pretty foliage, just in time for the fall fashion lineup! Yes, there will be a very lovely, wonderful new design option for Evergreen’s catalog — not just more attractive, but more usable and a little bit more lightweight.

Plus we did a special Acquisitions webinar for Georgia PINES (the mother ship for Evergreen) and it went great. PINES is now doing what other Evergreen communities might consider: growing a committee to engage with us on acquisitions development. Expect more webinars on other topics, announced more widely.

Next, a small thing, but in case you hadn’t noticed, in the last month or so the Evergreen project site has spiffy new Frequently Asked Questions (in three acts, no less!) and a simpler-to-follow Roadmap, and also sports a new Open Source Glossary and updated Evergreen Feature Request Procedures.

Finally, we have found several terrific documentation writers — woohoo! (But if you were thinking “gee, you know, I’m still interested,” drop me a note at kgs at esi library dot com — we have some other documentation needs.)