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Eastern Monroe goes live on Evergreen with migration and support from Equinox

DULUTH, Ga., Feb. 7, 2017 -- Equinox is excited to announce another addition to the
SPARK Consortium in Pennsylvania.  Eastern Monroe Public Library is a 6 branch system which joined into the larger Monroe County library system along with Pocono Mountain.

Eastern Monroe serves over 53,000 patrons with close to 175,000 bibliographic records.  They went live on Evergreen in early December 2016.  Equinox provided project management, onsite date mapping workshop, data configuration, and bibliographic record de-deduplication as well as onsite and remote training.

Erica Rohlfs, Equinox Project Manager for Implementation, oversaw the migration.  She remarked, “During the entire migration, the Eastern Monroe staff was inquisitive, focused, showed great concern for their staff and patrons during this transition, and showed great enthusiasm for their future opportunities within SPARK. I feel very fortunate to have met several of the Eastern Monroe staff members. If I had to sum-up the administrative staff in one word, it would be “inclusive.” They sincerely think of their diverse patronage and staff. Such an honor to sit at a table with them and hear their thoughts!”

Scott Thomas, Executive Director of PaILS, added, “Eastern Monroe Public Library adds an important library to SPARK with a talented and energetic staff and a diverse patron base. Their addition also ushers in a new era of cooperation between the libraries in the Pocono Mountain region of Pennsylvania.”

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