Evergreen 2015: Rhythm

Sundial by liz west. CC-BY on Flickr

Sundial by liz west. CC-BY on Flickr

In 2015, Evergreen saw two major releases, 2.8.0 and 2.9.0, and a number of maintenance releases.

Two major releases in 2015, just as there were two in 2014, and in each of the three years before that — just as there will be two major releases in 2016.

In 2015, the seventh Evergreen Conference was held in Hood River, Oregon — continuing an unbroken string of annual conferences that was started in 2009.

In 2015, Evergreen’s development team gained a new core committer, Kathy Lussier.

New folks started writing documentation; more libraries started using Evergreen; more bug reports were filed.

In 2015, in particular with the release of 2.9.0, a number of components of Evergreen that had served their purpose were removed. Gone was JSPac. Goodbye, old selfcheck page! Auf Nimmerwiedersehen, script-based circulation policies!

In 2015, work continued on the web-based staff client.

In 2015, the Evergreen web team took steps to ensure backwards compatibility.

To sum up: 2015 was not the most exciting year in the project’s history, but it was a solid one: a year continuing rhythms that had been established and strengthened as the project grew.

Rhythms matter to libraries, of course. There is the staccato of each visit to the library, each checkout, each reference question, each person finding refuge or hope or a few minute distraction. Themes arise and repeat each year: summer reading; the onslaught of undergraduates; conferences; board meetings and budgetary cycles. Sometimes a crescendo surprises us: the adoption of MARC; the disquiet and discussions of seeking to replace MARC; libraries deciding to reclaim their tools and embrace free software.

And the music does not stop: libraries must simultaneously embrace the now, do their part to keep the past alive, and look to the future.

— Galen Charlton, Infrastructure and Added Services Manager

This is the tenth in our series of posts leading up to Evergreen’s Tenth birthday.