Equinox Open Library Initiative FAQ

Q. What is the Equinox Open Library Initiative?
As of January 2017, Equinox Software is the Equinox Open Library Initiative, a nonprofit organization ensuring that libraries and cultural heritage institutions can implement open source technologies with confidence.

Q. Is Equinox OLI a membership organization?  Do I have to pay fees?
No.  Equinox OLI believes in the open source ethos of the meritocracy and does not think a pay-to-play model fairly represents the diversity of user communities for any given software platform.

Q. Are Equinox’s services changing?
Not at all.  Day-to-day, we're still us, and we will continue to provide hosting, support, migrations, consulting, project management, training, and software development for the open source products we support and develop.

Q. Is my contract with Equinox still in force?
Yes.  Equinox Open Library Initiative assumed all of Equinox Software’s assets, liabilities, and contracts.

Q. Is this for financial reasons?
Absolutely not, it’s about ethics and service to the community.  In fact, we’ve had two of our strongest years to date (2015 and 2016).  This change is something we’ve been considering and working towards for several years and we’re excited that it’s finally a reality.

Q. Then why become a nonprofit?
Equinox was at a point where we knew our ability to grow could stall without significant changes to open up new opportunities and expand our services.  The most common way to do this is through a merger or acquisition with another company.  Our mission does not mesh well with that of proprietary ILS companies, and there aren’t any compatible nonprofit companies who share our particular vision.  By making the change to nonprofit we are able to satisfy our ethical concerns and use new avenues available to us to expand the company’s reach and offerings to ensure libraries have a viable choice in open source software.

Q. What are the community benefits of this change?
Equinox has been a trusted community partner for a decade; however, there was often some confusion about how Equinox fit into the equation. Being a nonprofit expands our ability to focus the discussion more on the continuation of our communities important work with Evergreen, Koha, and all open source software in cultural heritage institutions.
As a nonprofit, Equinox will also be able to apply for grant funding to develop new prototypes, improve integration with existing products, and fund infrastructure projects that will keep Evergreen and Koha on the cutting edge.

Q. If I would like to learn more about the Equinox Open Library Initiative, who should I contact?
If you are a current or prospective customer of Equinox, please email
If you are a member of the press, please email