Equinox deprecates support of mouse cursors

There has been an internal debate within Equinox recently. Here’s a sample of some of the discussion:

  • “We support free and open source library CATalog software, no?”
  • “But I’m a dog person!” … “Don’t care.”
  • “What have the mice ever done to you!”
  • “Do you know what is crunchy and goes well with ketchup?”

After a fair amount of contention, we have settled our differences and resolved the debate.

Galen Charlton, Assistant Cat Herder at Equinox, summarizes the decision as follows:

We have received instruction agreed that it is time to end the murine hegemony over our pointers. To that end, “mouse cursors” are dead to us, beginning with our website. Our feline friends will now helpfully point out links to other exciting web resources when they feel like it… hey, OUCH! OK, OK!.

To assist others in fixing their cursors, Equinox is providing the following image under a CC0 license:

It is also available for download in CUR format.

Equinox assumes no responsibility should your local kitty constituency object to use of foreign cats on your website.