Equinox Contributions to Evergreen Version 2.9.0


The Evergreen Community has recently released version 2.9.0 and Equinox is proud to once again be among the top contributors to this release. The 2.9.0 Release Notes can be found here, which detail all of the new features and enhancements.  

Some of Equinox’s development contributions were funded by our customers, such as item 2.3.6 in the Release Notes, where we created the MARC Tag-Table Service as part of the Sprint 2 of the Web Staff Client.

And some commits were unfunded contributions that our developers couldn’t resist working on in their spare time, such as item 2.1.1 which improved reporting of progress during purchase order activation and item 2.2.4 that speeds up the catalog by improving the caching of web server templates.

We’re also happy to report that Sprint 2 of the Web Staff Client is now complete and in the process of being tested!  Sprint 2 was funded by: Georgia Public Library Service, Grand Rapids Public Library, Kenton County Public Library, NC Cardinal, OhioNet, and Pennsylvania Integrated Library System.

While that Web Staff Client code is in the 2.9 release, we do recommend it for testing purposes only at this point.  For more on the Web Staff Client progress, follow along on the wiki page!

In addition, Equinox’s Active Integrated Maintenance (AIM) Program resulted in several bug fixes, in whole or in part, being included in this release.  Those improvements are as follows:

Thank you to the Evergreen community, our valued partners, and the 2.9 Release Manager, Jason Stephenson, for another fabulous Evergreen release!