Coming soon! The 1,000th Evergreen library

In preparation for my talk at the Evergreen International Conference on the "State of Evergreen," I have been updating my files of libraries running Evergreen and this time in more detail than I have in the past. It is an increasing difficult task because migrations to Evergreen are coming so rapidly and from all over the community. We are a busy lot.

Right now, it appears that about 415 separate library systems of all types are running Evergreen and about 850 individual libraries. That is a big number…and just ahead will be the magic 1,000th library to migrate to Evergreen.

I declare a contest!

What date will the 1,000th library migrate to Evergreen? Email me with your prediction! One per person, please. Make the subject of your email: "Evergreen prophet" with the date in the subject. Please be sure your email has contact info.

The rare and valuable prize will be a special made-for-the-occasion mug with the Evergreen logo, the date of the migration, and an inscription for our Prophet. I can already see the dizzying bidding war at eBay for this once in a space-time continuum Major Award.

Predictions of that date are open from today through May 20 at 5 PM Eastern Daylight Time.

The test of whether or not a library is running Evergreen is if I can see the OPAC and execute a search. Marshall Breeding’s valuable lib-web-cats database uses a different test to determine if libraries are “running” Evergreen and listings there will not constitute evidence of this milestone.

“Library” is defined as a library outlet which means a central library or a branch or a bookmobile running Evergreen in production with a Web-visible OPAC.

Sometimes it is a knotty problem to figure out details of some situations and in the event of such difficulty, I will make my best effort and the final decision.

After the date is reached, I am going to wait two weeks to make sure that the milestone wasn’t passed earlier. There are so many migrations going on that it is difficult to keep up and folks doing the migrating often have more to do than writing press releases. On occasion systems hide the fact they have migrated to Evergreen for various reasons. After two weeks, we will take the best date we have and award the prize(s)–after they are made. We want the correct date, of course, but we don’t want perfect to be the enemy of good enough.

It will be a time to take stock and contemplate what the community has done.

Employees of Equinox Software, Inc. are not eligible.

If there are questions, I would prefer to answer them via the comments. I find that my emails to the Evergreen email lists are often blocked.

There are three sources of information that may help those interested.

1. I am updating the maps of the Evergreen community at:

I suspect the second one, which has the libraries sorted by go-live date, is the best readily-available indicator of trends. If you view the larger map, and then (upper right to the top of the map) click on View in Google Earth, you will see the libraries listed by go-live date. When I didn’t have the date, I made my best guess. These guesses are now marked as “imputed.” Corrections are welcome and I am in the active process of checking and trying to make sure I have all of them so this map is currently subject to change.

2. Another useful bit of information will be in the table I am completing: Evergreen @ 4.75 which is an update of the tables at the Evergreen at 4 post:

You can see with the numbers above (415 systems, 850 outlets) and Table 1 in the blog post that the first three quarters of this Evergreen year have been productive. In fact, as it happens, table understates the true number of migrations in this recent period slightly. In any case, at the talk I will have the revised and corrected tables and will make them available on the Evergreen blog shortly after.

3. I am also keeping track as best I can of libraries in various stages of migration and by my count, there are more than 300 systems and somewhat under 500 libraries in process of migrating to Evergreen.