Come see us at ALA 2014!

Come see Equinox at ALA 2014! We’ll be at booth 1843 showing off the latest Evergreen and Koha features, of course, but also drop by and take a gander at our brand-spanking-new offerings.

FulfILLment, our open source ILL product, has reached version 1.0 and is ready for prime time. Ask us for a quick demo to see the power and user-friendliness of this system!

Sequoia, Equinox’s library services platform, is the best cloud solution for your ILS and/or ILL needs, period. With Sequoia powering Evergreen, Koha, or FulfILLment, we guarantee 100% uptime and the best performance of any solution. Because of our economy of scale, we often can provide a comprehensive cloud solution for less than what you currently pay for your locally-installed ILS or ILL instance.

Also, don’t forget about our new software services, AIM and Idea Lab. AIM is a subscription service that allows libraries to combine forces and squash the bugs that bug them the most. Idea Lab is similar: it is a subscription geared toward funding new feature development. The more libraries that subscribe to these services the more good things can happen for all.

Equinox will be represented this year by Brad, Erica, Galen, Jenny, and Shae. Please drop by and let’s chat.