Canned reports for Evergreen 1.6.0

Introducing canned reports from Equinox Software! Due to increasing demand, Equinox has created nearly 40 canned reports and released them under the GPL.  The templates are compatible with all releases of Evergreen 1.6.0.

The reports are divided into three categories: Library Collections, Library Patrons, and Library Services. Ideas for these reports came from studying national and state regulations for library statistics as well as invaluable feedback from Kirtland Community College, Bibliomation, and Pioneer Library System. These reports are not meant to be exhaustive but to help libraries get started in collecting their daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly statistics. The reports can be cloned and manipulated to add or subtract additional displayed fields or filters.

The report templates are provided in the form of an SQL script that you can download directly. To ensure that you get the most recent version of the file in case it gets updated, use the “original format” link from this page. Users of Subversion can also retrieve it from the ILS-Contrib repository:

svn co svn://

Once you have the EvergreenReportTemplates_1_6.sql file in hand, transfer it to your Evergreen server and import it into your database using the following command:

psql -U evergreen < EvergreenReportTemplates_1_6.sql

The specific invocation of psql may be slightly different depending on how your sysadmin configured Postgres.

Once you’ve run the SQL script, go to the reports page in the staff client.   You should see a new shared report template folder called in “General Report Templates (from Equinox)” owned by the ‘admin’ user.  Equinox customers who are running or later can also file a support ticket to get the new templates installed.

Equinox is also launching a new service to create reports and report sources for Evergreen and Koha and share the reports with the community.  We’ll be making a formal announcement soon, but if you need help creating a new report, please contact us.

Here’s the list of reports.  More information about the displayed values and filters can be found in the report descriptions.

  1. Library Collections
    1. Brief Inventory List (by library & call number range)
    2. Detailed Inventory List (by library & call number range)
    3. Count Items Added by Date Range
    4. Count Items Added by Date Range & Statistical Category
    5. Count of Items by Library
    6. Count of Items by Shelving Location & Circulation Modifier
    7. Count Items Deleted by Date Range
    8. Count Titles by Library
    9. List of Items by Copy Status
    10. List of Titles & Items based on Circulation Modifier
    11. List of Titles by Physical Format
    12. List Pre-Cataloged Titles & Items
    13. List Titles Deleted by Deletion Date
  2. Library Patrons
    1. Count of Inactive Patron Accounts by Library
    2. Count Patrons by Permission Group & Home Library
    3. Count Patrons by Statistical Category & Home Library
    4. Count Patrons Added by Zip Code & Date Range
    5. Count Patrons Added by Date Range & Library
    6. List of Patrons with Open Transactions by Permission Group & Library
    7. List of Patrons with Open Transactions by Library
    8. List of Patrons with Outstanding Balances by Permission Group & Library
    9. List of Patrons with Outstanding Balances by Library
    10. Patron Mailing List
  3. Library Services
    1. Count Items Loaned by Receiving Library & Date Range
    2. Count Items Loaned by Sending Library & Date Range
    3. Count of Unfulfilled Holds by Library
    4. Count of Holds Filled by Library & Date Range
    5. Count In-House Usage by Library & Circulation Modifier
    6. Count Circulations by Non-Cataloged Type & Date Range
    7. Count Circulations by Patron Permission Group
    8. Count Circulations by Library & Shelving Location
    9. Count Circulations by Library & Circulation Modifier
    10. Count Circulations by Hour of the Day
    11. Count Circulations by Day of the Week
    12. List Available Holds by Capture Date (aka Clean Holds Shelf report)
    13. Open Pre-Cataloged Circulations