Berklee College of Music sponsoring development of Auto-suggest feature in Evergreen

Berklee College of Music is sponsoring development to add an auto-suggest feature to Evergreen Open Source ILS search interfaces.  The goal of this development is to create a fast service for providing suggestions for user search queries which display as the user enters a query in the catalog search input.  During the normal typing pauses that occur as the user enters a query, the catalog will retrieve the set of suggestions for the current value and display them to the user just below the search box.  The user can then click on one of the entries to perform a search for the entry or continue typing to manually refine the search.  The number of characters a patron will enter before auto-suggest is triggered will be configurable.   The initial development will target the Template Toolkit OPAC.  There will also be support for auto-suggest in the JavaScriptOPAC.  Upon completion, the development will target the next major release of Evergreen.

Evergreen and Koha are open source software, freely licensed under the GNU GPL. Evergreen and the Evergreen logo are trademarks of the Georgia Public Library Service.