BC Libraries Cooperative and MassLNC sponsoring Acquisitions enhancements in Evergreen

BC Libraries Cooperative (BCLC) and MassLNC have teamed up to sponsor some Acquisitions (Acq) enhancements in Evergreen Open Source ILS.  This project encompasses the following development:

1.  a server-side Acq batch update API to be used with the Purchase Order (PO) interface for updating line items and associated copies without having to click into the Acq copies screen;

2.  a PO detailed view which will provide an option to expand (some/all) line items within a PO line item list to display the list of associated copies for the line item, including fields like owning library, fund, circulation modifier, copy location, etc.;

3.  new defaults and settings (org, provider, sticky) to include a default number of Acq copies and Acq/Vandelay default options;

4.  PO and selection list UI repairs and enhancements including:

  • avoid double activation POs,
  • disable invoice and cancel options for pending POs,
  • rearrange actions drop-down to better suit the current state of the PO/PL and provide more batch operations across sets of line items,
  • allow for disabling the zero-copy checkbox,
  • disable/allow batch updater operations depending on PO state,
  • disable new charges for activated POs,
  • replace Shelving Location with Copy Location; and
  • #INVOICED field is automatically populated with the number of copies available to be invoiced and the PAID field automatically updates to match the BILL field;

5.  Additional distribution formula fields including:  fund code, circulation modifier, collection code; and last but not least,

6.  ISBN (identifier) entry / selection for line items.  This will provide staff with the ability to select from existing ISBNs and enter new ISBNs for line items to be used as the primary identifier for the line item order.  Adding new ISBNs will cause the ISBN to be added to the linked bibliographic record.  Staff will also have the ability to add/select UPC and ISSN values in the same manner.

It is anticipated that the coding will be completed by the end of June 2013 and submitted to launchpad for Evergreen Community review and approval.  Once the code has been reviewed and approved, it will be eligible for inclusion in the next major release of Evergreen.  Thank you to BCLC and MassLNC for sponsoring this development.