A slew of Evergreen development

Well, it’s past time for another installment of “Fabulous Evergreen Improvements!”.  Brought to you today by Equinox, in partnership with BC Libraries Cooperative, Natural Resources Canada, NC Cardinal, NOBLE, and MassLNC.

Thanks to our friends at Natural Resources Canada, we now have achieved WCAG accessibility compliance for the stock Evergreen OPAC.  As much as is possible, the lessons we have learned there will be carried over into Equinox’s work in the redesign of the Evergreen staff client.

Thanks to NC Cardinal’s Cumberland Library, we were able to clear up that pesky fund transfer bug.

Thanks to NOBLE and BC Libraries Cooperative for funding the improvements to the fund drop down and making rendering really fast!

Thanks to NOBLE for funding both the fix for located URI discrepancies and improved scoping on the pending purchase order drop down box.

And last, but certainly not least, thank you to MassLNC for funding these forthcoming Evergreen improvements.  Links to the Launchpad tickets and/or Equinox’s technical specifications are below.

Improve Display of Delayed Items in Acquisitions

View and Edit Existing Reports

Assistance for Report Runners

Shelf expired holds should not include items expiring today

Thanks to our friends and clients for their commitment to improving Evergreen!