Bibliomation and MassLNC Sponsoring Search Enhancements Development in Evergreen

Bibliomation and MassLNC are sponsoring development of search enhancements in Evergreen Open Source ILSEquinox Software will be spearheading the development project.  Ultimately, the goal of this development project is to make the following browse functions available in the catalog: alphabetical author, title and subject browse.  In order to make this functionality possible, the following enhancements will need to be made:  improvements to QueryParser and MARC-standard inter-authority linking.  Improvements will be made to the QueryParser framework and the Evergreen QueryParser driver to allow new search syntax.  Next, Equinox developers will implement MARC-standard inter-authority linking, similar to the development of bibliographic-authority linking, in order to support the see-from and see-also components.  Finally, with this infrastructure in place, Equinox developers will be able to develop an integrated bibliographic and in-use authority browse interface.  The browse axes will be configurable.  This new development will build upon the browse capability already in place.  Additional authority-related information will be extracted and stored in order to automatically provide authority-enhanced term matching. Browse sorting and display will be based on separate values, so that initial articles may or may not be displayed, per the configurations of the global setting per class (title, author, subject).

It is anticipated that the coding for this project will be completed by the end of March 2013 and submitted to launchpad for Evergreen Community review and approval.  Once the code has been reviewed and approved, it will be eligible for inclusion in the next major release of Evergreen.  Thank you to Bibliomation and MassLNC for sponsoring this development.