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We are Librarians

Half of our highly qualified and experienced staff are degreed librarians.  Equinox provides open source solutions to libraries around the world.  We are a group of passionate professionals, fully dedicated to supporting the vital role that libraries play in our society.

We are proud to provide Excellent Service

We are easily accessible, listen to our customers, and provide excellent customer serivce.We provide hosting, support, training, development, and other services for Evergreen, Koha, and Fulfillment.We are Equinox, and we'd like to be awesome for you.

We are Experts in Evergreen and Koha

We are the original developers of Evergreen and employ core software developers.We are deeply involved and active with both the Koha and Evergreen communities.

We are a Non-Profit that believes

We aren't owned by venture capitalists. We believe in positively contributing to libraries. We are proud that, like libraries, we share a common ideology.We are not just about maximizing our profits.

We believe in and are Dedicated to our people

Equinox supports its employees both inside and outside the workplace. From Aesop to Zahn and from alpacas to zombies, we provide opportunities for our people to learn, grow, and get their geek on.

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Equinox adds Cherokee County Public Library to the SC LENDS Consortium
DULUTH, Ga., Nov 30, 2017 -- Equinox is pleased to announce that Cherokee County Public Library successfully migrated to Evergreen within the SC Lends Consortium. This migration includes more than 32,000 users and over 95,000 bibliographic records. For the migration, Equinox performed the bibliograp... [More]
Equinox adds Shamokin & Coal Township Public Library to the PaILS Consortium
DULUTH, Ga., Nov. 16, 2017 -- Equinox is pleased to announce that they have successfully migrated the Shamokin & Coal Township Public Library to Evergreen within the PaILS SPARK Consortium.This move includes more than 6,500 patrons and over 49,500 bibliographic records.  For this migratio... [More]


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